Spatial analytics


Spatial analytics deals with the spatial aspects of marketing. With the help of spatial analytics tools customer structures and -behaviour in space can be analysed and explained. spatial analytics also enables the localization of market potentials

Very important marketing findings are provided through spatial analytics. Those are relevant for stationary trading as well as online trading.

Spatial analytics is an integral component of our aCRM analyses.

We here rely on Alteryx Designer an our extensions casaGeoSpatial and casaGeoToolbox.

Business benefits

  • Identification of market potential
  • Further information on location planning
  • Optimisation of sales management and thus a fair initial situation for sales
  • Higher customer satisfaction and higher satisfaction of sales representatives
Location analysis
  • Analysis of existing locations according to strengths and weaknesses
  • Competition analysis
  • Reachability analysis
  • Evaluation of potential locations
  • Determination and evaluation of catchment areas
  • Analysis of product-specific market potential
Analysis of market potential
  • Identification of customer potential based on external characteristics (e.g. Purchasing power or typologies)
  • Identification of customer potential in space through statistical models (scorecards)
  • Determination of target areas and target group
Sales region analysis


  • Establish fair sales areas based on indicators of potential
  • Analysis of existing sales areas or organisational structures through indicators of potential
  • Analysis of the reachability of customers by field service within a sales area
analytical CRM
  • Analysis of customer profile and structure
  • Integration of indicators and market data into CRM- and BI-systems

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