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Innovative Geomarketing with casaGeoSpatial and Alteryx

With Alteryx Designer analyses can be done in only one software. From data import to the creation of the concluding report. This eliminates the costly system change between different software for data preparation, analysis and finally for the report creation.

Especially the integration of R-tools allows complex statistical analyses. casaGeoSpatial integrates HERE-data and -functionalities for travel time/ area analysis as well as geocoding into the Alteryx Designer.

Therewith for the first time a tool is launched on the marked, which meets the requirements on spacial analysis and statistics and allows simple and fast spacial analyses. Furthermore the results can be directly integrated into data mining processes.

The solution additionally impresses with an exceptionally good performance.

Business benefits

  • Spatial analysis and data mining software in one product
  • Analyses can be created in one software
  • The analyst can focus on the analytical question rather than having to deal with two very different software tools
  • More efficient use of working time
  • Fast processes and thereby fast results