Analytical CRM and spatial analytics are our core competences. We experienced Alteryx as the optimal solution for our analysis and in 2003 we decided to pass this advantages on to our customers. Since no travel time analysis and geocoding was possible with the tools from Alteryx at this time we developed casaGeoSpatial. casaGeoSpatial combines the benefits of Alteryx Designer with HERE, the world‘s leading provider of digital maps and vehicle navigation. casaGeoSpatial accesses the HERE servers directly, whereby constant actuality is offered. casaGeoSpatial can be used worldwide.

All other tools were developed either on customer request or as part of analysis projects and are tested in the daily business.

Convince yourself of Alteryx Designer and casaGeoSpatial for 14 days in a free trial. We are happy to assist you during this time with free support and supporting web presentations.