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Pricing and Plans for casaGeoSpatial

casaGeo Open

900 for 100,000 transactions

  • 1-year licence
  • incl. 100,000 transactions
  • no software licence costs
  • user independent
  • ideal for projects

casaGeo Professional

3,500 per named user

  • 1-year licence
  • incl. 500,000 transactions
  • low transaction costs
  • 1 user per licence
  • ideal for frequent user

casaGeo Server

12,500 per Alteryx Server

  • 1-year licence
  • without transactions
  • low transaction costs
  • -
  • -

casaGeo Open

casaGeo Open offers an inexpensive introduction to casaGeoSpatial and is an ideal solution for project-based work. casaGeo Open can be installed on different computers and used by any number of users in the company. Billing is exclusively via transactions, which can be purchased in advance in packages of 100,000 transactions. The transcations are billed in total (across all users). If the licenced transactions are used up, access to the HERE sercives will be blocked. Transactions thare are not used within one year will expire.

You may purchase new transaction packages of 100,000 transactions at any time, if you need more than 100,000 transactions or to reactivate a service that may have been blocked.

casaGeo Professional

casaGeo Pro is an ideal solution for analysts who perform extensive geoanalyses and, accordingly, often geocode, calculate routes and catchment areas. casaGeo Pro offers low transaction prices, which are by a factor 5 below those of casaGeo Open. As with casaGeo Open, the transactions are not tied to a specific workstation and are billed in total (across all users). The first licence is offered including 500,000 transactions. Each additional licence can be licenced without transactions.


casaGeo Open and Pro can also be combined in a single company, allowing you to determine the most cost-effective option for your company. While the geoanalysts use casaGeo Pro, the other analysts can access casaGeo Open.

casaGeoSpatial offers complete transparency of the consumption of transactions. Each tool shows how many transactions are consumed and you can call up statistics on total consumption at any time using the Transaction Report tool.

casaGeoTSP (Tour Planning)

casaGeoTSP is an add-on for casaGeoSpatial and can be licenced for both casaGeo Open and casaGeo Pro. The correspondending tools are installed by default. Mobile assets are required for the use of casaGeoTSP, which are licenced separately. The licences for mobile assets mean that no additional transaction costs are incurred for tour planning.

casaGeo Server

casaGeo Server offers the possibility of creating workflows and analytical apps with casaGeoSpatial and can be made available to other users via Alteryx Server. casaGeo Server can be combined with both casaGeo Open and casaGeo Pro.


Transactions can be purchased in packages of 100,000 and 500,000 transactions. The transactions are valid for one year. For geocoding an address, calculating a route and calculating a catchment area, one transaction is billed at a time. For example, with 100,000 transactions you can geocode 100,000 addresses. Additional purchased transactions are again valid for one year.

Mobile Asset

A mobile asset is a person, bicycle, car, van or other means of transport for which a tour is to be planned. With 10 mobile assets, tours can be planned simultaneously for 10 vans, for example. The licence is valid for one year.


  casaGeo Open casaGeo Professional casaGeo Server
Price per licence 0.- EUR 2,600.- EUR 12,500.- EUR
Price per 100,000 transactions 900,- EUR - -
Price per 500,000 transactions 4,500.- EUR 900.- EUR 900.- EUR
Price per 3 Mobile Assets 900.- EUR - -
Price per 10 Mobile Assets 3,000.- EUR 600,- EUR 600,- EUR
Term* 1-year licence 1-year licence 1-year licence
casaGeoCoder + + +
casaGeoRoutes + + +
casaGeoIsolines + + +
casaDateTime + + +
casaGeo POI + + +
casaGeo Retrieve + + +
casaGeo TSP (Add-On) + + +
with Routes
+ + +
GeoJSON Input/Output + + +

* The acquired transactions lose their validity after one year.

All prices are exclusive of VAT. Further prices on request.