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Pricing and Plans for casaGeoSpatial


500 Project Package

  • 5 User
  • Best for projects
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3,125 1-Year Licence

  • 1 User
  • Best for Power User
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12,500 1-Year Licence

  • any Numbers of User
  • for Alteryx Server
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casaGeoSpatial Base

The base version is the ideal introduction to working with casaGeoSpatial. The software can be installed on up to 5 computers. The transactions are settled in total. When the 100,000 transactions have been used up, access to the HERE services is blocked. Transactions that are not used within a year expire.

It is possible to reactivate access by licensing the new transaction packages for 100,000 or 500,000 transactions.

The base version is the ideal solution if geocomponents are only to be used occasionally.

casaGeoSpatial Professional

The professional version is aimed at users who work with casaGeoSpatial tools every day and calculate many routes, geocodings or catchment areas. In addition, casaGeoSpatial Professional contains additional tools. The new version also includes Tour Planning. An overview can be found in the Details table. For the tour planning, additional Mobile Assets must be licenced, which can be licenced in 10 packages for one year each.

In general, the professional version is the cheaper option if more than 600,000 transactions are used per user and year.

casaGeoSpatial Server

The server enables apps and workflows developed with casaGeoSpatial to be made available to other users on Alteryx servers.


With licencing a version, transactions are made available. Transactions expire if they are not used within a year. A transaction is billed for geocoding an address, calculating a route and calculating a catchment area. With 100,000 transactions, for example, 100,000 addresses can be geocoded.

casaGeoSpatial also installs HERE maps on Alteryx, which are displayed in the browse tool. A transaction is billed for calling up 15 cards.

Mobile Asset

A mobile asset is a person, bicycle, car, van or other means of transport for which a tour is to be planned. With MA10plus, tours can be planned simultaneously for 10 vans, for example. The license is valid for one year.


  Base Professional Server
Prices 500.- EUR 3,125.- EUR 12,500.- EUR
User Up to 5 User 1 User as many as you need
Term 1 Year* 1 Year 1 Year
Transactions (TA) 100,000 500,000 500,000
casaGeoCoder + + +
casaGeoRoutes + + +
casaGeoIsolines + + +
casaDateTime + + +
casaGeo POI - + +
casaGeo Retrieve - + +
casaGeo TSP - + +
with Routes
- + +
GeoJSON Input - + +
GeoJSON Output - + +
plus 100.000 TA
500.- EUR - -
plus 500.000 TA
2,500.- EUR 250.- EUR 250.- EUR
plus 10 Mobile Assets
- 600.- EUR 600.- EUR

* The acquired transactions lose their validity after one year.

All prices are exclusive of VAT. Further prices on request.